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About Us

Advisory Technical Services is a small company providing virtual assistant services and IT support for small to medium sized businesses. Because of our size, we’ll only accept a certain number of clients. So you can be rest assured your projects are completed on time with the same if not better quality you would expect from a highly paid company.



What sets us apart from other companies offering similar services is our dedication, commitment and the personal care we provide to each client individually. We don’t offer a cookie cutter approach or solution. But we do offer to take the time to personalize to your style or need.


We can provide a wide variety of services from keeping you organized, planning your next important event, updating your website or wanting to get more online social. ATS is unique that we also offer IT support as well. Whether it’s a hardware or software issue, we have the resources to handle it.


Our main focus is to ensure that the client is happy and more than satisfied with every project we help them with.


headshotKellie Simmons has 20+ years’ office and administrative experience.  As well as many years of staff training different company’s on their software updates. She excels at a wide variety of tasks and loves to take on new challeges.